Andrew's #1 Daddy Man- Mike's Stories

My name is Beth and I am an artist born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been spending the last month of my life grieving the loss of the man I loved. Mike has always been like a warm sweatshirt right out of the dryer on a chilly morning. He wrapped me up in goodness and warmth with his humor and comfortable affection.

On Sept. 20th, 2015, we tragically lost Michael Davis, along with another dear friend, Frank Suhar, in an auto accident. These two men brightened our days with their infectious smiles, abundance of humor, and outpouring of love. During the past month of grieving with their families, friends, and the community, I have seen how the life stories of Mike and Frank make loved ones feel more connected, not only to these men, but to each other as well. I have found the stories to be held at the center of my heart and helpful during the sadness we feel that accompanies losing those we love. They fill me up with the knowledge that these two men touched so many others with their smiles. They lived an adventurous, joyous life filled with music, good food, and the love of those that surrounded them.

Mike's legacy is continued in the eyes and smile of his 3 year old son Andrew. The bond and abundance of love that Mike had with Andrew could been seen by even strangers. I've never met a man so excited to share his life with his little guy. Teaching him, consoling him, laughing with him, and mostly loving him.  Andrew was his everything.

My goal is to collect 100+ stories of Mike from friends, family, and the community. I would like to capture the stories being told both verbally and written.  After collecting these memories, I need to organize them along with pictures, videos, Mike's favorite songs, sayings, and memorabilia for his love of Cleveland sports teams. I want Andrew to feel the love of his father and as he grows and to stay connected to the man that he called "Daddy".

The money collected will be used to get the supplies, computer programs, and equipment to record the memories verbally, in videos, and in hand written letters.
I am trying to set aside the time I put into my art business so that I can focus on gathering the recording, collecting, and editing the memories. After Mike passed, I made him a promise that I would make sure his family was ok by surrounding them with love and that I would do everything within my capabilities to make sure his son would always know who he was and always have a connection to him. I will accomplish this one way or another, but with your help, I can achieve creating this treasure with the time, compassion, and love it deserves.

I am so very grateful to have had over 30+ years of friendship and a year of love with Mike. I sincerely thank you for taking the time to listen to and support my project in saving Mike's stories. Please share often.

To those that would like to share their stories of Mike, please contact me via the contact button below and I will get back to you.  Your stories don't have to be long. Even just sharing an experience you had with Mike will make a difference.

A very special thank you to a wonderful person, Nick Brilla. His help in creating this video, sharing his creativity, and believing in my project for Mike have been priceless. Namaste, my friend.
Video Credit: Nick Brilla - Guerrilla Snaps

i also want to thank David Sabol at ToldCle for allowing me to use audio from Told#11 and for creating an event that allows me to tell my stories.

It is in the memories and stories of those we have lost that teach lessons, heal hearts, and keep legacies alive.