Funktini is the combination of three generations: grandmother/mother/daughter  

JoAnn Rawley/Beth Keenan/Alicia Russo

Our art reflects our love of everyday functional decor, interior spaces, vintage finds, and bright beautiful colors. In creating our work, we use an array of techniques & materials, such as glass fusing, metal sculpting, polymer clay, wood, anodized aluminum, and upcycled vintage.  Our intentions with our artwork are simple.  We want to give you a little piece of fun, love, and genuine happiness.

“We have a desire. A desire to create.  Call it genetics, call it crazy, call it wonderful.  Whatever it is, we've got it...and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Creativity runs deeply in our veins, but more importantly, so does our desire to bring a smile to another human being.


Jo and Beth have been creating artwork together as a family business for the past 15 years.  Alicia joined the team 3 years ago when she began recreating her Lucky Chucks to help with college tuition.   Throughout those years, they have cultivated a friendship and a respect for each other beyond just grandmother/mother/daughter. They are confidants, traveling companions, artistic collaborators, and partners in crime in this crazy adventure called life.
We realize that without someone to purchase our art, our voices cannot be heard.  
We appreciate each and everyone of you who support artist, their endeavors, and encourage them to share their thoughts, ideas, and talents.